African Masharik

Private equity and project development

African Masharik Group of Companies Limited (AMGCL) is a private equity and project development firm, focusing primarily on the oil and gas; energy and power transmission infrastructure; general technology; agriculture; and education sectors. AMGCL primarily targets emerging markets in Africa and the Middle East.

AMGCL is at the forefront of an exciting, 21st century energy revolution, creating and empowering a new generation of world citizens. By focusing on safe, clean, renewable, and sustainable power generation, transportation, and storage, AMGCL has positioned itself as an innovative market leader in Africa and the Middle East. AMGCL’s impact on communities throughout our core regions empowers individuals, cities, countries, and the world at large to achieve economic growth, and to raise the standard of living enjoyed by our customers.

AMGCL’s investment approach targets key, nascent sectors in the energy industry including

  • natural gas power
  • solar
  • wind
  • biomass
  • geothermal
  • and the waste to energy space.

AMGCL’s integrity begins with its leadership. We have an experienced and highly dedicated team who share the AMGCL vision of a world revolutionized by affordable, clean, and sustainable energy. In all of our dealings, we remain focused on our core values: Integrity, Innovation and Quality.